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Servis terbaik start dari lawatan ke showroom sehingga ke pemasangan di rumah..laju dan kemas..aftersales service pn bagus sgt..jika ada mslh terus selesaikan..sgt2 rekemen..
Hairu Aidi Hairudin
I found Kuchemate through Big Home Expo and it was the best decision ever. Sean was efficient and thorough. Got my built in wardrobe, top kitchen cabinets and TV console installed in a day. Price was good too! 10/10 would recommend!
Stefanie Tan
My experience with Kuchemate is fantastic! From consultation to completion of my kitchen Simon and the team did a great job! Installers who came was fast, efficient and helpful. Seemed to be very experience carpenters. And the price is reasonable too!
Elza Fathi Estofa
Excellent service from the Sales Team to Installer Team. All works done only in one day which is very impressive from removing old wardrobe, installing a new one and installing kitchen cabinets. Finishing was good too. Sales Team also very responsive and helpful. Thanks Kuchemate.
Aidil Ismail
Efficient, responsive, punctual, neat, and reasonably priced. Everyone, from the manager to the installation staff, were extremely helpful, accommodated all our requests, and did an amazing job on our whole house. Couldn't be happier with the quality of the products and the service!
Risi Daxshinni
Highly recommended, attractive, good product quality and affordable price. Special thanks to Zariq & Mervyn very professional and to installer team too. I'm fully satisfied. Many free gift worth $$k others company definately can't compete trust me! 5 star 🌟🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 definately from us. Keep up a good work!!
Sarah Dolah
Great service from the sales gallery all the way till the date of installation. Their team is very experienced and also great at suggesting ideas. Dealt with MK and Venice, they are super friendly and also attentive towards their customers. Price is very reasonable and the workmanship is superb. Overall, very satisfied with what Kuchemate has done to my place. Highly recommended!
Ken Mingowi
Excellent service and professionalism. Thank you Venice, Mervyn and team. Wonderful experience from the very beginning till completion. They listen to want we want, gave us solutions to our ideas, installation timing to the dot. Superb quality, designs and workmanship. Price is very reasonable, I can only say u wont go wrong having them when renovating yr kitchen or wardrobe.
Mike Wai
Yes..Highly recommended for those yg nak buat kitchen cabinet yang lawa kualiti tip top dan harga yang sangat affordable!..Saya dah install for my new house and neighbour cakap cantik dan harga murah..Saya sangat berpuas hati dengan service dari Kuchemate terutama sekali En. Hanafie designer kami..Sangat senang berkerjasama dgn beliau..Tak lupa utk Miss Venice pun sangat baik dalam berurusan dgnnya..TQ Kuchemate!
Syarifah Nur Adyani
Very Reliable, Deliver as Promise, Attractive & Affordable Price. They will leave you with a satisfaction and no regrets feelings engaging them. They are really professional and experienced Teams and Installers ! Is a stress free and worries free as they will handle all of that with their excellent patience & knowledge to ensure is deliver to your expectations. Special thanks to Mervyn and Hanafie for your time and patience. The end results is PERFECT !
Kristine Yip

Elevate Your Shoe Storage with Custom Built In Shoe Cabinets Malaysia

A cluttered entryway, disorganized closet, or scattered array of shoes throughout your home can be frustrating and unsightly. This is where the brilliance of shoe rack cabinets comes into play. These versatile pieces of furniture not only provide an organized and efficient solution for your footwear but also add an element of style to your space.

At our studio, we specialize in designing and crafting custom shoe rack cabinets that cater to your unique needs and preferences, ensuring that your shoes are neatly stored and easily accessible.

Types of Shoe Cabinet Design

  1. Contemporary Elegance: If your interior style leans towards modern and sleek designs, contemporary shoe rack cabinets might be the perfect choice. These cabinets often feature clean lines, minimalistic designs, and a variety of finishes like high-gloss or matte, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into your modern home.

  2. Classic Charm: Classic shoe rack cabinets are perfect for those with a traditional or timeless interior design. They often incorporate wood finishes, intricate detailing, and warm, inviting colors that can add a touch of vintage charm to your space.

  3. Space-Saving Solutions: For smaller spaces, space-saving shoe rack cabinets are a practical choice. These cabinets are designed to maximize storage while minimizing their physical footprint. Some models are wall-mounted to save even more space.

  4. Modular Flexibility: Modular shoe rack cabinets offer flexibility in terms of design and configuration. You can customize these cabinets to fit your specific needs, whether it’s for a growing shoe collection or to fit an irregularly shaped space.

  5. Hidden Storage: If you prefer a sleek and uncluttered appearance, hidden shoe rack cabinets might be ideal. They appear as regular cabinets or drawers but open up to reveal ample shoe storage, keeping your space looking neat and tidy.

  6. Bench Combo: Combining a shoe rack cabinet with a bench can provide a comfortable and practical seating solution in your entryway. It allows you to sit down while putting on or taking off your shoes and store them conveniently below.

  7. Luxurious Finishes: For those with a taste for luxury, shoe rack cabinets with high-end finishes like leather, mirrored surfaces, or crystal hardware can add a touch of opulence to your space.

  8. Open Shelving: Open shelving shoe rack cabinets are an excellent choice if you want your shoe collection to be on display. These designs create a visually appealing feature in your home, showcasing your footwear as part of the décor.
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